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Birth Support

Embracing Empowerment and Support Throughout Your Birth Journey

We are excited to present our Comprehensive Birth Package, designed to offer you unwavering support, personalized care, and empowering guidance as you navigate the transformative journey of childbirth. With a deep commitment to your well-being and the belief in the innate strength of your body, our package encompasses a range of services tailored to meet your unique needs and preferences.

The comprehensive Birth Package includes:

  • Complimentary Meeting: We offer a complementary initial meeting to ensure that we are a good fit for each other. This meeting provides an opportunity for us to get to know each other, discuss your birth preferences and expectations, and address any questions or concerns you may have. We believe in the importance of building a trusting relationship and want to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident in choosing us as your birth support team

  • Two Antenatal sessions: These sessions serve as a valuable opportunity to delve into birth education, birth mapping, and natural pain management techniques. We will equip you with essential knowledge and tools to make informed decisions and help you embrace your birth experience with confidence and clarity. (see 'Amethyst' sessions)

  • Ongoing Phone and E-mail Support: We understand that questions and concerns may arise throughout your pregnancy journey. That's why we offer reliable phone and e-mail support, ensuring you have a trusted source of guidance and reassurance whenever you need it.

  • Evidence-Based Information: We provide you with access to evidence-based information, allowing you to conduct your own research and make informed decisions about your care during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. We believe in empowering you with knowledge to help you advocate for your preferences and create a birth experience aligned with your vision.

  • Labour Support: Whether you choose to birth at home or in a hospital, our experienced and compassionate team will be by your side, offering continuous labor support. We employ non-medical comfort measures, including position changes, relaxation techniques, acupressure, and other pain management techniques, to help you navigate labor with greater comfort and confidence.

  • Creating a Calm and Peaceful Environment: We are committed to maintaining a serene and supportive birth environment, ensuring your comfort and fostering a calm atmosphere that allows you to focus on the birthing process.

  • Postnatal Follow-Up: Our care extends beyond birth, as we provide a postnatal follow-up typically within the first seven days after your baby's arrival. This session allows us to provide additional support, answer any questions, and ensure your transition into the postpartum period is smooth and supported.

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